JSON Response

exitExitThe Exit object defined by the supplied exit_id
reverse_exitExit[Optional] The Exit object for essentially the same exit, only that it's accessed from the other side of the highway.

For example, if the supplied exit_id is for Exit 13 on I-65 Northbound, the reverse_exit would be for Exit 13 on I-65 Southbound. If Exit 13 is on accessible while traveling northbound, then reverse_exit would be omitted.

With reverse_exit, the businesses at the Exit should be the same, but their location relative to the end of the exit ramp will be different. And (except in rare cases) those businesses that are Left of the exit will now be Right of the exit.
previous_exitExit[Optional] The Exit object that comes immediately before this Exit for the given direction of travel. If this is the first exit on the highway, previous_exit will be omitted.
next_exitExit[Optional] The Exit object that comes immediately after this Exit for the given direction of travel. If this is the last exit on the highway, next_exit will be omitted.
categoriesArray of CategorysArray of Category objects. If a Category is present for a given exit, that means there is at least one Business / POI at that exit that fits into that Category. The Category's Business / POIs can be retrieved with the businesses key.

The Exit Details allows the user to retrieve all information we have on a particular exit.

They can optionally choose to have related exits returned with the result, including the previous_exit, the next exit, and the reverse_exit as seen from the reverse direction of the Highway. This allows for features such as quickly scrolling to the previous/next Exit, or changing direction of travel.

The user can also retrieve all businesses found at this Exit, ordered by Category (Gas, Food, etc). Since an exit_id implies the direction of travel (Exit 13 Northbound has a different exit_id than Exit 13 Southbound), we can include relational directions like Right/Left and mileage from the off ramp.


The 'Exit Details' API in use inside the iExit Android app

Common Next API(s)

  • POI Details (by using categories[].businesses[].id)
  • Exit Details (by using reverse_exit.id, previous_exit.id, or next_exit.id)
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