Welcome to the iExit API docs

Our REST API allows programmatic access to the iExit database and platform so developers can build iExit-like functionality into their own software.

Each API resource has available actions that can be performed on it. Supported resources and their endpoints are listed on the left.

Paid Access

Access to the iExit API allowed only after purchasing an API key. Each API key is associated with an iExit API partner.

Obtaining an API Key

API keys are only available to 3rd parties who have paid to license the iExit database. If you are interested in creating an iExit integration inside of your software, please contact us for pricing information at api@iexitapp.com. After you contact us, we may issue a trial API key with limited number of requests so that you can play around and better learn the iExit API.

When contacting api@iexitapp.com, please be sure to include what your software does and how you intend to use iExit inside of it.

API Key HTTP Header

Each request to our API requires a valid API key to be passed as an HTTP header. There is no need to issue any login commands or to maintain a session. The API key must be passed with the key apikey.


API Key Security

API keys are secret. We strongly recommend against pasting it online or committing it to a repository. Treat it as you would your password.

Example Request

curl https://api.iexitapp.com/v1/states -H 'apikey="YOUR_API_KEY"'


  • API Base URL: https://api.iexitapp.com/v1/
  • All API access is over HTTPS
  • All data is received as JSON
  • All API endpoints respond only to the GET http verb. This is because the iExit API is entirely read-only (for now).

Response Codes

200OKEverything went great. Be sure to read that specific API's documentation to see what to expect with the response.
400Bad RequestAn id value(s) supplied in the URL was invalid.
422Unprocessable EntityYou supplied an invalid API key and cannot access this API.
500Internal Server ErrorHopefully you never see this. If you do that means that we are either having some downtime or you found a bug. If the problem persists, please let us know at support@iexitapp.com and we'll get right on it!