Find what exit-based highways are within 50 miles of a given latitude/longitude.

JSON Response

highwaysArray of HighwaysAn array of Highway objects that represent the exit-based highways found within 50 miles of the supplied coordinate.

These Highway objects contain 2 special child Exit objects. One is under the negative_exit key and the other is under the positive_exit key. Read below for more details.

It is a useful feature to allow the user to see what highways are nearby. If a user is sitting in a diner off of an exit on I-85, the On Highway Detection API will correctly detect that they are not on the highway. So how can we allow them to view I-85 (or other nearby highways) exits ahead so they can plan their trip while taking a break?

That's what this API will allow. Supply it a coordinate and it will return an array of Highway objects for all exit-based highways within 50 miles.

The Highway objects returned in the highways array have a special structure, defined below.

positive_exitExitExit object representing the closest exit in the "positive" direction on this Highway.
negative_exitExitExit object representing the closest exit in the "negative" direction on this Highway

And then each of positive_exit and negative_exit have a child Highway In State object under the key highway_in_state. This Highway In State object contains a child State object and a child Direction object, but not a child Highway object as that would be redundant.


The Nearby Highways API in use inside the iExit Android app, showing nearby highways around Atlanta, GA.

Common Next API(s)

  • Upcoming Exits (by using highways[] or highways[]
  • Exits for Highway in State (by using highways[] and highways[].positive_exit.highway_in_state.direction.current_direction OR highways[] and highways[].negative_exit.highway_in_state.direction.current_direction)

This API allows you to easily feed results to either the Upcoming Exits API or the Exits for Highway in State API, depending on preference. To use the Upcoming Exits API, simply use the id for either the positive_exit or negative_exit child Exit objects.

To supply the Exits for Highway in State API, you will have to make use of the child Highway In State object of positive_exit or negative_exit. You will want to use along with highway_in_state.direction.current_direction. You should have no use for highway_in_state.direction.reverse_direction in this use case.

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