Retrieve all data relevant to an individual business

JSON Response

businessBusiness / POIBusiness / POI that can contain many child data objects. See below for a detailed explanation of each possible child object.
exitExit[Optional] Exit object that is present only if exit_id is present.

The POI Details API allows the user to retrieve all information we have for an individual business.

In addition to core Business / POI fields such as establishment_id, brand_name, name, phone, latitude, longitude, formatted_address, and website, we may optionally have the following child objects that belong to business:

  • amenities: an array of every Amenitys we have for this Business / POI
  • top_priority_amenity: the most "important" Amenity which will come with information on how to render its icon. In the picture below, the top_priority_amenity for that Exxon is "Diesel" and contains information on how to render the dark green diesel icon.
  • promotion: if this business is running a current Promotion, it will show up here.
  • logo: if this business has a custom Logo, it will show up here.
  • poi_images: if this business has any uploaded POI Images, they will show up here as an array.
  • exit_mapping: if exit_id was supplied, not only will the root exit object be present, but an Exit Mapping object will show up as a child of business. This will contain information as to the relative location of the Business / POI from the Exit.
  • fuel_prices: If this is a gas station, and if we have gas prices from GasBuddy/OPIS for this station, an array of Fuel Price objects will be found here, one for each type of fuel found at this station.

As shown in the example results towards the top of the page, this API has two different modes. If this API is passed exit_id it will have both a root business object and a root exit object. In this case as well, business will contain a child exit_mapping object. If the user does not pass an exit_id, then we return results with no knowledge of a highway exit, which is simply a business object with no child exit_mapping object.


The 'POI Details' API in use inside the iExit Android app

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