View up to the next 25 Exits ahead when given a starting Exit ID.

JSON Response

starting_exitExitThe Exit object for the supplied starting exit_id. This is the first of 25 Exits loaded in the exits array.

This Exit contains a full Highway In State child object under the key highway_in_state. That means it contains a child Highway object to figure out the name of the highway the user is on, as well as a child Direction object to figure out what direction on the highway the user is traveling.
`reverse_exitExitThis is the closest Exit for the other side of the highway. This will allow you to build a "Reverse Direction" feature into your app if you would like to.

For instance, if you are traveling on I-65 Northbound starting from Exit 252 in Alabama, the reverse_exit would be Exit 252 Southbound.
next_exitExit[Optional]. This API returns up to 25 Exits in the exits field. In the event that more Exits exist beyond these 25, then next_exit will provide you the 26th Exit ahead.

You can use and feed it back to this API to retrieve the next 25 Exits ahead from that point. In your iExit API client, you should append these results onto the already fetched list of Exits.
exitsArray of ExitsAn ordered (based on direction query parameter) array of Exits for this Highway in this State.

The structure of this data is different depending on if a search_result_id was supplied to the API. Please read below for more details.

As you can see above, this API accepts an optional search_result_id parameter. We will refer to this API with no search_result_id as Regular Mode and this API with an included search_result_id as Search Mode.

It is very important to realize that the exits responses returned from Regular Mode are quite different in structure than Search Mode. The data for starting_exit, reverse_exit, and next_exit are the same regardless of which mode you are in, but exits will be different.

Regular Mode

When in Regular Mode, the Exit objects in the exits array will have an optional categories child object. The categories object contains what major amenity categories (eg: Gas, Food, Lodging, etc) are found at that exit.

categoriesArray of CategorysArray of Category objects for each major amenity category (eg: Gas, Food, Lodging, etc) found at that exit.

The Upcoming Exits API in Regular Mode rendered in the iExit Android app.

Search Mode

When in Search Mode, the Exit objects in the exits array will have an optional 'businesses' child object. The businesses object contains an array of Business / POI objects that are found at that exit, each of which contains with Exit Mapping object that tells which side of the exit that business is located.

businessesArray of Business / POIsArray of Business / POI objects that are found at the parent Exit.

The Upcoming Exits API in Search Mode (searching for Gas) rendered in the iExit Android app.

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