idIntegerReferred to as promotion_id elsewhere.
background_colorString[nullable] The background color (hex string) for the custom colored areas where a Promotion is displayed in the client.
text_colorString[nullable] The text color (hex string) on top of the background_color for the custom colored areas where a Promotion is displayed in the client.
primary_messageStringA brief (one-line) summary of the Promotion. See the image below and
secondary_messageStringA brief (one-line) message to help further explain the primary_message.
full_messageStringA longer message, if necessary, to explain the Promotion.
image_pathStringThe URL path where to find the Promotion's image. This should always be an Amazon Web Services HTTPS path.

Combine this with the image_name below to get the full image path.
image_nameStringThe name of the image file used for the Promotion.

Combine this with the image_path above to get the full image path.
display_codeStringA special code that can help distinguish this Promotion from other promotions the POI might be running at that time.
account_idIntegerThe id that identifies what Account is running this Promotion. An Account must be created by a POI owner or a Chain owner before a Promotion can be created.
promotion_type_idIntegerIn the future there will be different types of Promotions that can be run inside of iExit. For right now, there is just a default type of Promotion, and so this value is always 1.

Below shows a Promotion shown in the iExit iOS app.


A Promotion as seen in the iExit iOS app. The coupon shown here comes from a Promotion, but the 2 logos above the coupon actually come from a Logo child object of the POI.

Look in the table below and you will see Comfort Inn stand out because it has a Promotion. The text in the blue rectangle for Comfort Inn is pulled from the Promotion's primary_message.


Here is a list of all POIs at an Exit in the iExit iOS app. The Comfort Inn POI is running a promotion, and the promotion.primary_message value is used to quickly summarize the promotion without the user having to click on it.